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Camping/Nature Adventures

We love to camp, ever since we first started dating we have been camping. From the first site with a dome tent, no dogs, and fires big enough to singe the trees above, to our latest adventures with the family tent, 2 dogs and super-refined packing skills. We love doing it all. Follow us as we test out as many camping spots as are feasibly possible each year.

Lake Louisa Camping - February 2011 --- Alafia River Kayaking - May 2011

Beach Adventures

The weekends we arent camping or out of town, we are at the beach. From January through December, there is no time of the year in Florida where you can't go to the beach. Even if the weather sucks, you can still go to the beach. We like to check out random beaches rather than the typical St Pete and Clearwater Beaches everybody else crowds. Our favorite, by far is Caspersean Beach, the southern-most point of Venice Beach

Blinds Pass Beach - May/June 2014 --- Nokomis Beach - May 2014

Gasparilla Island - April 2014 --- Caspersen Beach - March/April 2014

Little Talbot Island - April 2012 & Fall 2013 --- Key West - August 2011


Tampa is such a great area for concerts! From 97X Next Big Thing, to yearly Jimmy Buffett visits, there are endless concert options. We try to go to a few different ones each year, just depends on how much money we have, and who it is.

Beer Fests

We love Tampa for all the fun Beer and other Festivals they have around the year. This year we got ourselves a pass to 4 fun festivals for 2014. You can buy the pass yourself at the link below.


Oh, the Animals...where to begin. Started with Zoie, our cute little black fuzzball who came with Mike from his old apartment. Then, we got Kita, the little Russian bitch who thinks she rules the world. Then...there are the Dogs. You've got Buddha, the loveable, dumb hound-mix who looks and sounds scary, then plops on his back for a belly rub the moment you get close. Lastly, there's Maya, our little sweetheart we adopted last year. A greyhound-mix who will literally, run circles around Buddha and us. Together, we are family, and we dont know what we would do without them.

The Cats --- The Dogs

USF Football

USF Football season starts Saturday, August 30, 2014 @ 7pm at Raymond James Stadium