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...and Kayaking, and Hiking, and Nature

We love to camp, ever since we first started dating we have been camping. From the first site with a dome tent, no dogs, and fires big enough to singe the trees above, to our latest adventures with the family tent, 2 dogs and super-refined packing skills. We love doing it all. Follow us as we test out as many camping spots as are feasibly possible each year.

During the months we cant camp, and aren't going to the beach, we also like to go kayaking as well as hiking, all though, more hiking since the dogs....haven't braved a boat with them yet...and probably wont. We will find all sorts of obscure, off-the-beaten-path trails and parks to take the dogs and just disappear into nature.

Lake Louisa Camping - February 2011

The first time we went camping, we went to Lake Louisa State Park, its closer to Orlando and was newer when we went, and we had a blast. Being that it was our first trip, we forgot a lot of stuff, but we did remember the essentials (tent, beer, firewood) so still had a good time. Back then, we only had the 3 person dome tent, but it was fine for just us, no dogs then. There was plenty to do in the area, lots of good trails and we even brought the bikes along and enjoyed the peaceful park roads and trails. Overall, we think we did pretty good for the first time, and it only got better from there.

Alafia River Kayaking - May 2011

Kayaking down the Alafia River was, well, a challenge to say the least. When we went back in 2011, the river was REALLY low, I mean...Loooooooooow. We probably spent half the time carrying the damn kayak as we were constantly grounding out on the river bed. Outside of having to carry it all the time, it was a fun trip. The nature was beautiful, with so many different plant and animal species to be seen. At one point we even had a fish decide he wanted us to cook him for dinner, since he just jumped in the damn boat. Overall, a decent trip, we might go again soon if the water levels are high enough.