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Caspersen Beach - South Venice Shark Teeth Paradise
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Caspersen Beach is one of our favorite beaches to go to. We originally found it when looking for how/where to get to Venice Beach. Jess found out about this little place called Caspersen Beach, which is located in south Venice. One of the hugest perks about this place is the FREE PARKING!...just gotta get there early. There are trails you can walk if you so wish, as well as miles of beaches but, of course, we only go there for one reason....SHARK TEETH...and they have plenty. There are many different ways to get your shark teeth. A lot of people use "Florida Snow Shovels" which is like a metal dustbin with holes in it. Others will simply just sift through the sand and try to find them. Hell, we've even seen people just sitting in the sand with kitchen strainers. Whatever your method, you cant possibly go home empty handed.

Caspersen Beach - March/April 2014
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